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Altering alimony due to employment change

If there is one thing that Florida residents can be certain of, it is the fact that change is inevitable. This is true when it comes to personal relationships, and also to matters of employment. As part of a divorce, many people are tasked with making alimony payments. When an unexpected job change leads to a reduction in income, meeting that financial obligation can be a challenge.

All spousal payments are not alimony under the law

When a Florida family goes through a divorce, ongoing payments are often made from one party to the other. Those payments are usually classified as either child support or alimony. It is important to understand, however, that there are instances in which payments may not fall under either category, making it hard for the paying party to claim them on his or her taxes.

Can you reach an alimony settlement outside of court?

Your spouse may agree that you made the sacrifices that supported his or her career success and may have expressed gratitude over this fact. However, now that you are divorcing, sharing that significantly higher earning potential with you in the form of alimony may have lessened the appreciation of your contribution. Understanding the ins and outs of spousal support may help both of you to approach the table with reasonable expectations so you can come to an agreement without a court battle.

Addressing alimony dishonesty with the court

Many Florida residents are required to pay spousal support to former husbands or wives. While very few people enjoy the practice of handing over a portion of their income, most accept the fact that the payments must be made. There are certain cases, however, in which the recipients of alimony have acted in dishonest manners and violated court orders pertaining to spousal support. In such cases, the spouses making the payments can reapproach the court to ask for modifications or terminations.

Don't delay divorce over alimony anxieties

Preparing to end a marriage is a serious matter. For many Florida spouses, concerns over all of the unknowns can be virtually debilitating. In fact, many couples stay married long after their union is defunct, based on worries concerning property division, child custody and alimony. As with so many things in life, the realities of these issues are often far less drastic or negative than people believe.

Life insurance is a powerful companion to alimony

Many Florida spouses expect to receive spousal support as part of their divorce. Having this source of additional income can make a huge difference in the financial bottom line for divorced spouses. While alimony is part of many divorce settlements, it is important to understand that this resource only exists during the lifetime of the paying party. Once that former spouse passes away, so do the payments. The best way to ensure continuation of spousal support after the death of an ex is to obtain a life insurance policy.

Alimony laws differ from one state to another

The topic of spousal support is one of the most contentious areas in family law. Many Florida residents feel strongly about the issue, and there are people who stand firmly on one side or the other. The matter has become something of a national conversation, with some states taking action to limit the length of time that alimony should be paid, while others consider legislation that would alter how spousal support is allocated, determined and eventually stopped. For those who are preparing to divorce, it is crucial that the language in a divorce agreement addressing spousal support is clear.

Man finds unusual relief from alimony payments

A man has been relieved of his obligation to pay spousal support to his former wife, a scenario that some in Florida may fantasize about. The reasoning behind the decision is somewhat unusual. The couple divorced in 2008, and the man agreed to pay the woman alimony for a period of eight years. In 2014, he filed suit asking that those payments be stopped.

Florida bill addressing alimony may interest residents

Many Florida residents may be interested in potential changes regarding alimony. It was recently reported that a proposed bill regarding alimony has moved forward in the Florida Senate. Apparently, the bill would utilize a formula to determine when spousal support is warranted and when modifications of payments may be allowed. The bill could potentially "remove the emotion" from decisions regarding this support.

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