Couples Can Work Together So They Can Move Forward With Their Lives

The issue of spousal support, or alimony, can be a very sticky one. The breadwinner of the couple may feel that after supporting the homemaker for the length of their marriage, he or she should no longer have to be responsible for his or her partner. The homemaker may feel that after having traded in his or her life ambitions to take care of the breadwinner and their children, he or she is entitled to continued maintenance.

Florida law does support alimony, especially for couples who have been married for 17 years or longer. The decision to award spousal support comes not from the age of the parties but rather from the length of the marriage and the financial ability of the supporting party to pay. For couples who have been married for more than 17 years, there is a presumption of permanent alimony for the dependent party. For couples married between seven and 17 years, it is considered a "grey area," and frequently the financially dependent party will receive spousal support for a period of time while he or she is going through financial rehabilitation, looking for a job and getting back on his or her own two feet.

We work with couples to come up with their own solutions through problem-solving family law models. Instead of setting up an adversarial relationship of him against her, we work with you, your spouse and your spouse's lawyer to determine what will work best for each of you and help you move forward with your lives in a positive manner.

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Spousal Support Attorneys

We work with the collaborative divorce, cooperative divorce and divorce mediation models to help families make their own decisions on how their lives will be divided. This gives you both more control over what will happen to your lives, your children's lives and the way you continue to interact in the coming years. These are ways of ending a marriage with dignity and peace instead of pain and suffering.

Instead of letting a judge — a stranger — make a final decision for you in court, we will help you consider what will work best for both of you financially and emotionally, so you can come to an arrangement on your own, not affected by state statutes.

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