Even When Dealing With Your Business, You Can Compromise to Make Things Work

Florida business owners are usually very committed to the companies they have built and are loathe to losing them in a divorce. However, even if one person brought that business into a marriage, the increase in value during the marriage is considered marital property and must be divided.

We work with couples to find nonadversarial solutions to their divorce issues. Using alternative dispute resolution methods like collaborative divorce, cooperative divorce and divorce mediation, we can help you find a way to preserve your business while making sure your spouse receives his or her fair share during property division. Putting yourself and your business through less duress during your divorce will be better for overall productivity and will leave you with a far less bitter taste in your mouth when everything is finished.

By working with a neutral certified public accountant (CPA) to determine the value of your business, you, your lawyer, your spouse and your spouse's lawyer can sit down and figure out what options there are in dividing up your assets and property. Using problem-solving methods of divorce allows more leeway when separating your lives than traditional court proceedings.

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Attorneys Handling Business Valuation Matters

The CPAs we work with can either go into a detailed business valuation or can do a survey of your taxes, balance sheets and business operations, including an interview with you, to give an approximate range of value. This second option is considerably less expensive and will still allow for a fair division of property.

Having worked with many business owners filing for divorce, we understand what is at stake as well as the pain and suffering couples go through during the divorce process. By working together to find a balance, you will both walk away feeling better about yourselves and the divorce process, leaving room for communication in the future regarding your business dealings, children and continuing family bonds.

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