Making Your Children a Central Focus of Your Divorce, in a Positive Way

In Florida, there are standard child support guidelines that dictate the amount of financial support each parent will put toward the welfare of his or her children. The amount will be based on the relative income of both parties and how many nights the child spends with each parent per week, month or year.

Our family law practice centers around alternative dispute resolution and using problem-solving methods to allow you and your spouse more control over the outcome of your divorce than the traditional adversarial method of litigation through the court system. We will work with you in an attempt to find an acceptable solution for both you and your spouse so that the future friction that is common between divorced people is lessened, making life easier for your children.

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Child Maintenance Attorneys

Using alternative dispute resolution methods such as collaborative divorce, cooperative divorce and divorce mediation, we will work with your spouse and his or her lawyer to come to an arrangement regarding child support payments that suits both of your pocketbooks and lifestyles, yet still maintains your children in a manner similar to when you were married, in order to give them the best environment to grow and flourish.

Because we are taking the time to discuss these issues and come up with positive, workable solutions, there is more room for flexibility in terms of ways to maximize the net result of what each of you will have to work with every month after child support is paid. This makes it easier on both of you, which in turn makes it easier on your kids.

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