Couples Can Work Together Instead of Taking an Adversarial Stance

A marriage is a legal contract between two people. When that contract is broken, the assets of the marriage, real property, possessions, and financial assets and debts all need to be divided. In Florida, the presumption is for an equitable distribution of the marital assets and liabilities of approximately 50 percent to each person. The court system will make this division without regard to your personal wishes, simply splitting your lives in half.

Taking the high road and using a problem-solving method to divide up your lives, where everything is on the table and you can make your own decisions according to what makes sense for the two of you, may end up being a better option in the long run.

At Sheldon E. Finman, P.A., we offer couples a less adversarial, more cooperative way of ending their marriage. Using different forms of alternative dispute resolution, such as collaborative divorce, cooperative divorce and divorce mediation, we work with you, your spouse and your spouse's lawyer to come up with a division of your property that will suit both of you, maximize what each of you receives according to the lives you each want to live going forward and helps you both leave the relationship feeling more at peace with your decisions.

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Asset Division Attorneys

In dividing up your marital property, your future needs are a consideration. If you are in a situation where one of you has been financially dependent on the other for the life of your marriage, we may suggest that person meet with a financial planner, a wealth adviser or a certified public accountant (CPA) to ensure that he or she has a grasp on the financial situation he or she will be dealing with going forward and knows how to manage it correctly. When needed, we will recommend bringing a neutral financial professional into the divorce discussions to help present the larger picture as you create your own plans for your future.

There are alternatives to the adversarial divorce process. You will have more control over the outcome of your divorce and reduce the amount of stress on you and your family, ultimately letting all of you go forward, with less damage to the familial bonds that are so important.

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