A divorce is a stressful situation and can tear a family apart. However, many couples in Florida have discovered the benefits of mediation. Mediation is a collaborative effort where a couple works together to create their divorce settlement. It is a process of negotiation where each person can speak freely and where cooperation is highly coveted.

Divorce mediation can be used in any situation. Couples with high assets, children, complex financial situations and any other complication imaginable can use this approach. Each person still gets to work with an attorney, and the court can become involved at any point if the process stops working.

There are many benefits of choosing mediation as the way to conduct a divorce. Here are three of these mediation benefits as noted by the American Bar Association.

1. It is better for children

Typically, when a couple uses mediation, they are getting along and not fighting with each other. The process naturally encourages cooperation. It helps to ease tensions and makes parents more likely to avoid the common back and forth bickering. It also leads to better custody agreements because parents are working together instead of against each other.

2. It works for any case

No situation is too complex for this option. While it does work the best when a couple can sit down together and openly discuss issues, it can be used even when couples disagree. There are bound to be disagreements in a divorce, but mediation helps to work through those instead of just arguing over them.

3. It saves money

In most cases, mediating a divorce case saves money because there is less time spent on settling the marriage. In addition, because issues are discussed rather than fought over, outside specialists are often not required.

For those getting a divorce, it is always best to try to minimize the stress and strain of the process. Couples who can agree they want out of the marriage may find mediation to be the right way to go.