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Believe it or not, divorce does not need to be an all-out war. You may love the idea of divorcing amicably, but you probably think it is impossible. While a peaceful divorce may not be achievable for everyone, if you put in the effort and are committed to your family, you can make your divorce easier than you originally thought. 

But how do you actually split up with your spouse without nasty fights and never-ending bitterness? Here are some tips to divorce far more peacefully than you could imagine.

1. Put your kids first

According to, prioritizing your kids and co-parenting is one of the best ways to divorce peacefully. Instead of using your children as pawns or bad-mouthing the other parent to them constantly, think about what is best for them. If you focus on the happiness of your children, it will diffuse tension and help you make healthier decisions. 

2. Do not play the blame game

While one of you may have made a giant mistake recently, you both played roles to get to this place in your life. Do not place all of the blame on your soon-to-be ex-spouse. On the other hand, do not put all the fault on yourself, either. Focus on the future instead of what either of you did to get here.

3. Find healthy outlets for your emotions

Instead of taking out all your anger on your spouse or your kids, find a productive way to express your feelings. You may even consider talking to a therapist. Even just talking to a close friend who is not close to the other parent can help. Try taking up a new hobby or exercising regularly. 

If you think you are willing to follow these three tips, you can be on your way to a cooperative divorce. This will have a much better outcome for you and your family than turning your separation into a warzone. 

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