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Any Florida couple that has been through a divorce knows that it is a difficult experience. For some couples, the finalization of a divorce does not signify the end of marital turmoil. Many couples continue to argue in family law court years after divorce over disagreements of child custody or alimony. One couple in another state has an upcoming trial to settle their alimony disagreement.

The man, Peter Fish, is an Emmy-winning composer who has written music for many television shows, and according to his ex-wife, he still is paid to compose. Although he claims that he is no longer financially successful, court records indicate that composing was a lucrative career for him in years' past. Due to his recorded income the year the couple's divorce was finalized, his wife was awarded $6,000 a month. Her court-ordered alimony would be adjusted according to her income.

Fish's former wife, Diane Singer, has accused him of not paying any alimony. Over the years, the unpaid money has accumulated to $180,000. He has claimed that the alimony has remained unpaid because his ex-wife has never provided proof of her income, and his income has decreased over the years. To complicate matters, each suffers from their own health problems. Fish claims that he is diagnosed with diabetes and leukemia, and his former wife has partial blindness from brain tumor removals.

Fish's ex-wife does not believe her former husband's claims of financial debt due to the vacations and fancy dinners he has chosen to afford. She claims to have been evicted from her home and can no longer work due to her health problems. People in Florida who continue to disagree with their court-ordered alimony will likely benefit from an experienced lawyer to advocate on their behalf throughout court proceedings.

Source: New York Post, "Composer jetted off with new gal pal instead of paying alimony: ex-wife", Julia Marsh, Oct. 8, 2017

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