Divorce often conjures up images of nasty court battles and high-stress, high-conflict situations. However, the good news is that not all divorces have to be this way. There are ways to proceed through a divorce in a respectful and dignified manner, which can help reduce the overall conflict and emotional stress for everyone involved.

Learn three ways about how to proceed through your divorce in a way that minimizes conflict and maximizes the chance that both spouses will emerge from the process with respect and dignity.

1. Hire a certified mediator

Certified mediators help families work through a divorce in a collaborative way. Certified mediators in Fort Myers are specifically trained in problem-solving methods that can help divorcing couples find common ground and come to shared decisions that are in the best interest of both spouses and their entire family, especially if there are children. A mediator will work with clients in a negotiation process that takes their specific needs and wishes into account to develop an agreement that is suitable and satisfactory to both spouses.

2. Make protecting children a priority

Unfortunately, children are sometimes used like “pawns” in the divorce, as if it were a game where one spouse must ultimately win and the other must lose. This approach is inherently harmful to children, who are already facing a traumatic time in the separation of their parents. Through making children a priority and working actively to ensure their best interests, both spouses can focus on the matters pertaining to their divorce rather than using their children as tools for gaining power over each other.

3. Try to avoid blame

Spouses often blame each other in divorce, but couples who can find ways to avoid blaming are able to have more respectful divorces. If a couple can find ways to try to understand what led to the divorce without immediately seeking to blame each other, it can help pave the way for collaborative decision making.