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Few relationships in life are more important than husband and wife. While you may have fond memories of your wedding day and the years that followed it, some marriages end in divorce. How you approach your divorce likely makes a difference in your mental state. 

When thinking about dissolving your marriage, you are virtually certain to face a variety of emotions. In fact, some experts liken emotions tied to divorce to dealing with the death of a loved one. While there is often no shortcut when working through emotions, choosing a collaborative divorce may help you better manage your feelings. Here are four potential emotional benefits of collaborative divorce: 

1. Work toward a common goal 

Just as you worked with your spouse to build your marriage, you may want to work together to end it. Finding common ground and working toward an ultimate goal with your partner may help both of you come to terms with a new reality. 

2. Think outside the box 

Every marriage is different. Still, divorce laws often require judges to follow strict rubrics and procedures that may not be right for your family. With collaborative divorce, you have greater flexibility to end your marriage in a way that is acceptable to both you and your future ex-spouse. 

3. Minimize stress 

Courtrooms can be stressful places. If you choose to let a judge decide how to wrap up your marriage, your private business may become part of the public square. Negotiating with your soon-to-be-ex-spouse in a collaborative setting may keep your overall stress level under control. 

4. Boost communication 

Sometimes, talking through problems is an effective way to deal with them. During a traditional divorce, though, you may have limited options to communicate. That is not usually true with a collaborative divorce. Instead, you keep lines of communication open until you reach an acceptable outcome. 

It is okay to feel anger, sadness and other negative emotions during and after your divorce. Nonetheless, if you want to minimize the emotional toll the dissolution of your marriage takes on you, opting for a collaborative divorce may be a smart strategy.

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