Florida couples like you who would like your divorce to go as smoothly and conflict-free as possible may also want to know if there are any tools you can use to aid you with this goal. Fortunately for you, this is where divorce mediators may come in. 

FindLaw breaks down some of the most frequently asked questions about divorce mediation, including the overall role of a mediator within divorce. Sometimes, it is misunderstood that divorce mediators are here to act as “therapists”, attempting to bridge misunderstandings between you and your spouse.  

That is not the case. A divorce mediator’s primary job is to act as a bridge of understanding when it comes to deciding on the terms of your divorce. For example, are you having trouble figuring out how you want to handle spousal support? What about matters of child custody? These are all potentially heated issues that arguments often occur over. When these arguments do happen, it’s the job of the mediator to step in and try to help you both reach a mutually agreeable conclusion. 

Divorce mediators are also valued for their ability to bring a neutral, third-person perspective to the situation. Naturally, since you and your spouse are directly involved in the emotional aspects of a split, it will be a sensitive and heavily bias-colored ordeal for both of you. Having that third opinion from the lens of someone caring but unrelated can help clear some matters up. 

If this sounds like a potentially useful tool to you, consider divorce mediation to help you achieve your goal of a streamlined divorce.