While going through a divorce can be difficult and emotional, approaching the situation with a team mindset can help simplify the process. Mediation is the perfect route for those interested in working together to create a divorce settlement that is beneficial for everyone involved. Couples should come to the table prepared to disclose all information necessary to design a concise settlement.

Mediation offers many benefits when compared to other types of divorce resolution, such as traditional court litigation. According to the American Bar Association, these benefits include the following:

  • Less expensive, as couples can avoid court costs
  • Quicker, as couples are often able to schedule mediation sessions around their other engagements rather than wait for lengthy court dates
  • Non-confrontational, as meetings take place out of court in a laid back atmosphere
  • Private, as court cases are public record and mediation is confidential

Couples often choose mediation because it puts them in charge of their own divorce settlement. Rather than leave the details of the decree up to the discretion of a judge, you get to write a settlement that works best for your unique situation. Settlements created through mediation have a higher rate of compliance, as people are more likely to follow terms they created.

People often leave the divorce with a more positive relationship than they would have if they had gone through litigation. This is especially true for parents or business partners who must interact with one another even after the divorce. This relationship can have a positive influence on children going through the divorce.

This information is intended to educate and should not be taken as legal advice.