A Collaborative Approach To Paternity

Paternity actions are about more than the mother obtaining child support. Usually, they lead to the establishment of parental responsibility and time-sharing rights for the father. This can be difficult when the two parents do not have a close relationship.

At the law firm Sheldon E. Finman, P.A., in Fort Myers, our lawyers take a collaborative approach to the creation of parenting plans, also known as child custody and visitation agreements. We represent both mothers and fathers.

Traditional Methods Do Not Benefit The Children

The traditional litigated approach to creating a parenting plan can result in lasting ill will, which makes it harder for the parents to cooperate on child-rearing issues in the future. It can be especially damaging to children if they are drawn into the conflict.

When two parents litigate a paternity and parenting time case in court, each side tends to dig into its position, in some cases egged on by their attorney. In addition to being costly, the adversarial nature of the litigation process can create animosity that lasts long after the court proceeding is over. The parents may end up back in court if one side fails to follow the agreement.

Collaboration Puts Kids First

If both parents agree who the father is, paternity can be established by agreement, without the need for a DNA or paternity test. The next step, creating a parenting plan with time-sharing for the father, can also be handled by agreement.

By resolving time-sharing disagreements through negotiation or mediation, you can reach an agreement that meets the goals of both sides, rather than creating a winner and a loser. Parents who collaborate in creating a parenting plan are more likely to honor the agreement. It can be a first step in parenting your child together.

For More Information About Collaborative Paternity Actions

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