Do You Need To Modify A Parenting Plan?

The parenting plan that worked for you at the time of your divorce or paternity case may no longer be workable today. Your circumstances or the circumstances of your ex may have changed. Your child may be facing issues at home or at school. A parent may need to relocate for employment. One parent may no longer be following the agreement.

At the law firm Sheldon E. Finman, P.A., our lawyers take a collaborative approach to obtaining modifications of parenting plans and support orders, as well as enforcing these agreements. However, we take on these cases only for clients who are seeking a balanced and practical outcome.

A Collaborative Approach To Post-Judgment Actions

Too often, post-judgment actions are used to punish or humiliate an ex. Often, the disputes arise because of unresolved feelings from the original court action. The outcomes can be damaging both for children and for your future relationship with your ex.

Modifications and enforcement of existing orders can be handled in a respectful way. There are many advantages to seeking a negotiated outcome with your ex:

  • You and your ex can determine the outcome rather than putting your case in the hands of a judge who does not know you.
  • Out-of-court negotiations proceed faster and cost less than litigation.
  • You can restructure your parenting plan or support order, while keeping lines of communication open.
  • Financial disclosures for support orders can be handled out of court.
  • People who have a role in negotiating a parental responsibility and time-sharing plan or support plan are more likely to follow it.

At Sheldon E. Finman, P.A., we will help you seek no-court, cooperative post-judgment modifications.

Get A Consultation About Modifying An Order

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