Preserving Your Nonmarital Property While Remaining Respectful of Your Spouse

Florida law states that any property or asset that a person owned before marriage or that he or she solely inherited or was gifted during the marriage is considered to be nonmarital property, and this property is not to be divided between the couple at the time of divorce. This includes any appreciation or enhancement to the asset or property, so long as it is kept separate.

If the owner of that property elects to invest a portion or all of the asset or property in the marriage, then it is considered "commingled" and becomes marital property that will have to be divided between the two.

Frequently, determining what belongs to whom becomes very contentious during a divorce. In an already stressful time, having more things to argue over may make trying to separate your lives more difficult, unless you choose to work together to make it happen in an amicable and orderly manner.

Our practice centers around problem-solving methods of divorce and dissolution, including collaborative divorce, cooperative divorce and divorce mediation. Instead of going through the traditional, adversarial process that the courts create, we will work with you, your spouse and your spouse's attorney to find common ground in order to build your own divorce agreement, giving you more control over the end result.

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Attorney Protecting Nonmarital Assets

We have found that the most practical approach to dealing with nonmarital assets is for everyone to be honest. As part of the alternative dispute resolution process, we require both parties to give a full disclosure of his or her financial assets in order for everything to be "on the table." In that way, working with your spouse and his or her lawyer, an even balance can be established of the division of the marital property, taking into account these extra assets on either or both sides.

As attorneys for nonmarital property issues, we have found that couples who are willing to work together to resolve their differences over how their lives should be divided find that they leave the process feeling better about themselves and are more willing to continue to work together as they raise their families, find better closure and are more able to go forward with their individual lives.

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