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There Is Life After Divorce

Most people feel that divorce is a messy, angry and hurtful process. It doesn’t have to be. You and your spouse can work together to divide your lives peaceably, and make decisions that will make your lives and your children’s lives much easier going forward. Our practice uses problem-solving methods to create a divorce settlement that gives you and your spouse much more control over the end result than you would receive during a standard court divorce.

We use three different methods of alternative dispute resolution:

  • Collaborative divorce: All parties agree to put their efforts into finding common ground and use problem-solving techniques to resolve differences as a divorce settlement agreement is drawn up and a parenting plan is created. If the couple is unable to agree on a final settlement, both attorneys will withdraw from the case, and the couple will start again from the beginning, usually bringing their case to court.
  • Cooperative divorce: This process was created by Sheldon Finman and a Lee County judge in the 1990s. It is very similar to collaborative divorce, with the exception that if the couple cannot resolve their differences, the attorneys do not have to withdraw from the case; they can continue to litigate the divorce through the court system.

We use these two methods to help you find ways to settle your differences amicably and to establish ways to keep and nurture the family bonds you have already created, which will never truly dissolve. Our law office is in Fort Myers and we represent clients throughout southwest Florida, including Cape Coral.

Collaborative and Cooperative Divorce Lawyers

Our lawyers have seen the damage caused to families by the traditional adversarial divorce process. We have made it our mission to offer alternatives and to help people through divorce to productive, happy lives afterward.

Divorce covers many aspects of your life. Issues covered during a collaborative and in cooperative divorce process may include:

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