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Compassion, Knowledge and Attention To Detail
“Thank you so much for everything, you (Julie Finman) have made this divorce easier to navigate with your compassion, knowledge and attention to detail.”
August 2017

Valuable Insight & Advice At Each Bump In The Road
“Having worked with Mr. Finman for the past year, helping my mom through a complicated divorce, I can attest to his expertise and patience. This case involved a situation where both parties were out of state, as well of their respective powers of attorney, who were handling all of the details. Mr. Finman expertly guided us through the process, providing us with valuable insight and advice at each bump in the road.”
May 2017

Thoughtful, Professional, and Thorough
I based my selection of an attorney based on the description that was on your website. It seemed, through the description, that you were very experienced, but that you wouldn’t be cruel or a bloodhound throughout the divorce. Instead you would be thoughtful, professional, and thorough. You have been all of that and more! I can’t express sufficiently the gratitude I have for you [Julia Finman] and your father [Shelly Finman], during one of the most difficult times of my life.”
May 2017

Dedicated Attorney With Integrity
“In the divorce process, we cannot think of a more important decision than the selection of a proper attorney. Although we are not a fan of our judicial system, it has been a pleasure working with a dedicated attorney with integrity (particularly in the area of family law) and that understands and maneuvers his client away from the emotional present to the long term benefits of a respectful parting. Great job.”
June 2016

Truly Professional In Every Sense
“Thank you so much, and I appreciate all you did for me, as my collaborative lawyer. I am excited to begin this new chapter in my life. It has been a true pleasure working with you through a difficult time. You are truly professional in every sense of the word.”

Thank You For Your Support & Diligence
“Shelly & Sherrie, I want to thank you both for everything you did to help me get through this process. While it seemed we might not get there at times you both were incredible. Thank you for your support and diligence.”

The Absolute Perfect Balance of Compassion & Tough Love
“From the very first time I met you, through every crazy and frustrating part of this process, you have always been the epitome of professionalism, with the absolute perfect balance of compassion and tough love. You kept me up when I was down, kept me focused when I was wavering and got me on task when I needed it the most. How blessed am I to get through this successfully and to be able to call the lawyer who fought side by side with me, a friend. You have my greatest respect and my most sincere appreciation for being the best lawyer I have ever worked with (coming from an ex CEO, I have worked with more than a few) …and more importantly, one of the best people I have ever met.”

Unmatched Professionalism & Compassion
“My family has known Shelly for over 35 years and when it comes to the sensitive matter of family law, I cannot imagine a better attorney than Shelly for keeping the process civil and dignified for all parties. I sought Shelly’s advice for a collaborative prenuptial agreement under a very tight deadline and was amazed at what he was able to achieve. Because of the time constraints in my case, the process could have been very detrimental to the foundation of our marriage; however, thanks to Shelly’s unmatched professionalism and compassion for our circumstances, the process was a surprisingly positive experience for me and my wife. Our dealings with Shelly were a 180 degree difference from our preconceived notions of how the prenuptial process would unfold and we are both grateful for the opportunity to have worked with him.”

Meeting With Shelly Was The Beginning Of A Return To Confidence
“During the most difficult and emotional life experience Sheldon Finman is a voice of reason and calm for his client. My experience leading up to the decision to divorce left me frazzled and unsure. Meeting with Shelly was the beginning of a return to confidence. The process he uses respects both parties involved, as well as the value of the years together as a marriage ends. Everyone in his office is highly professional, and at the same time kind. I highly recommend Sheldon Finman as well as the cooperative process that he used to assist me in moving on in the most positive manner possible.”

You Are Passionate About Helping Others
“I want to thank you for all that you, Sherrie and Colleen have done for me. I know that I am not the most organized person, especially with all that has been going on. You all were very patient with me, my spouse and my parents. You did everything in your power to make a horrible experience in my life as bearable as you could for my family. I hope you know how much I appreciate everything: your support, guidance and making sure I followed through with what I needed to do. You are all amazing at what you do. Now I know why you have been doing this for so long. It is evident you are passionate about helping others through such a sad time in their lives.”

Am Grateful Every Day
“It was indeed an honor to experience your guidance during a very difficult time. A very stressful event was handled with a sense of calm, dignity and respect. Resolving issues was foreign to me while married to a husband with problems. You are the best, Shelly, and I am grateful every day for your positive influence in my life. These years following the divorce have been filled with freedom, growth, and most of all, serenity.”

The “Civilized Way” To Go Through a Divorce
the weeks after my marriage broke up, you helped me to feel at ease by calmly and patiently guiding me through the process and keeping me updated on what was on the agenda for the next meeting, what we needed to discuss beforehand, and always asking me for my input. I always felt that you were listening to my concerns and offering me options based upon what we determined would be the best for me. There was never a contentious atmosphere in the meetings because both you and the other attorney in the collaborative process shared the goal of problem resolution instead of arguing and conflict. It’s what I call the ‘civilized way’ to go through a divorce.”

Thank You … For Treating Me Like A Person, Not “The Enemy”
“I wish to thank you and let you know that I have appreciated the manner in which my divorce was conducted and some of that had to do with you. I felt a sense of fairness and respect from you, and while, of course, your role was to defend my husband, I never felt I was being taken advantage of… and I wasn’t. I felt fortunate in my association with you, so thank you for your sensitivity and compassion, your integrity and sense of fairness, and for treating me like a person, not ‘the enemy’.”

You Have An Unbelievable Talent
I just wanted to drop a quick note to thank you for all you did for me during the divorce process. I appreciate all your hard work, understanding, and above all, your friendship. There is no doubt in my mind that you are the best divorce attorney in Lee County. I never thought we would get through the process so quickly and smoothly. You have an unbelievable talent for dealing with people. Thank you again for all your help and your non-adversarial process.”

I Would Highly Recommend You To Anyone
Your services were above and beyond the normal scope of an attorney. In addition to doing a great job you also made me feel you genuinely cared for my well being during a time of considerable emotional strife. You were kind, compassionate and, above all, professional. You always had time for me when I had questions, for that I am grateful. I would highly recommend you to anyone seeking to use the collaborative process in a divorce.”

I Was Able To “Take the High Road”
As you know, our divorce has been final for a year. Some days it feels like it’s been forever, and some days it seems just like yesterday. Seeing my former husband at a recent wedding was very hard, but thanks to what we learned in your collaborative process, I was able to ‘take the high road’ as I always say, and I held my head high. I don’t think we could have made it through a ‘regular’ divorce and remained civil. The encouragement I received from you during the divorce has helped me to make decisions on my own, and that is one of the most important things I have accomplished in the last year.”

Your Honesty And Integrity Are Beyond Reproach
I truly don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t had your legal expertise to serve as a guide through my divorce. You were always eager to assist and very understanding. This was the perfect coupling when my feelings were so delicate going through this divorce process. You were superb in my case, plus being a nice friend. This is not the proverbial ‘pat on the back’, but truly from my experience with you and from the heart. Your fees were more than fair. Your honesty and integrity are beyond reproach.”

You Are An Emphatic and Good Listener
“You are an effective problem solver. You are an emphatic and good listener. You guide your client to a fair and amiable agreement. I continue to be grateful for the work you did for me.”

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