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What Do People Think Of Our Speaking Engagements?

Truly Inspiring

Shelly, you were truly inspiring tonight. I can’t tell you how gratified I am that I introduced you to our group! Thank you for your continued contributions to our collaborative / cooperative community. You’re the best!!!

Joryn Jenkins
Collaborative Lawyer – Tampa, Florida
Referring to the Tampa Bay Next Generation Collaborative Law Group Presentation
August 12, 2015

Thanks for once again …
taking time to present to my class of school and mental health counseling graduate students. Your annual commitment to do this enriches our class and a real world understanding of the intersection of legal issues, counseling ethics and the best interest of children and families in a unique way. For me, having had the pleasure and privilege of hearing your take on this over time is especially interesting as I am your considerable and evolving experience in real time. After you left we “processed” with our students and they were riveted with the ways that family lawyers and mental health professionals collaborate to help kids and families.

Dr. Madelyn Isaacs
Florida Gulf Coast University – Fort Myers, Florida

I wanted to tell you, Shelly, that I was moved by your session for many reasons. The fact that you were one of the last presenters, you had a full house, your passion, your teaching style, your subject, etc. Every person who attended your session should be proud of him-herself because they demonstrated a commitment to become a better Collaborative professional. Job well done, Shelly – as usual.

Bob Merlin
Referring to the Eleventh Annual Conference, We Are The Village, The Florida Chapter of AFCC,
October 16-18, 2014

Shelly- you are a pioneer of Florida Collaborative-I have sung your praises for years and it was my pleasure to share my impressions with your colleagues.

Forrest S. Mosten

Looking forward to much future collaboration with you.

Forrest S. Mosten
Limited Scope and Collaborative Attorney
Certified Family Law Specialist
Board of Specialization, State Bar of California

Thank you so much…..

for addressing our Stephen Minister group last evening contributing to our continuing education program last evening.

Your legal approach to dealing with clients facing divorce embodies many characteristics we use in care giving. The cooperative method seems far more productive than adversarial. We also use listening and encouragement while being non-judgment. However, as we walk with our care receivers we also use prayer and rely on our Lord to cure their problems.

Our group really enjoyed your presentation and could easily have stayed on much longer. However, we had other business to attend after. Yes, we would certainly like to invite you back for a return visit in the future. Thanks again.

John W. Humphrey, Stephen Ministry Leader

Thank you for your inspiration…..

for this year’s F.C.P.C. Conference. Your many contributions to the sessions nurtured in our participants a sense of hope in an improved and more collaborative professional family practice. As well, you provided practical and workable models for achieving a client-centered, and therefore more responsive and effective methods of professional practice. The role plays, along with your presentations and the discussions produced an enthusiasm for building a new approach to family practice within our Circuit and a sense of optimism that those efforts would bear fruit….. read more

Magistrate Susan Maulucci