Protecting yourself not the same as preparing for a battle

When people think of divorce, they typically get an idea in their head that it is a long, contentious process propelled by aggression and anger. People imagine bitter spouses screaming at each other in court or making damaging allegations on social media while their attorneys fight over every cent or settlement clause.

However, this connection between divorce and litigation can be misleading, as is the assumption that attorneys are only necessary if two people will be locked in an angry court battle. The fact is that these days, people have several options to avoid all this type of ugliness and your attorney can be a valuable ally in this pursuit.

To begin with, people should understand that speaking with an attorney is not an indication that someone is looking for a fight. Family laws in Florida are complicated and the emotional distress many people feel when faced with these issues can make it very difficult to see your options and rights clearly. Legal counsel can provide valuable insight and advice throughout any divorce.

Even if you are pursuing a collaborative divorce, legal representation can be important. In these situations, the goal is to resolve family legal issues in a peaceful manner but the resolutions should still be enforceable and lawful. Without the assistance of an attorney, you can make some costly mistakes that put your collaborative divorce in jeopardy of getting ugly.

Consulting or hiring an attorney is not an indication that you — or your ex — want to fight or that there is an intention to escalate the situation to litigation. There is nothing wrong with having the guidance and support of an attorney when you are navigating the legal system.

If you have questions about the legal process, the options for dispute resolution or your rights during a divorce, speaking with an attorney familiar with all types of divorces can be a wise decision. Our firm has a webpage dedicated to collaborative divorce in Florida and if you are looking for more information on subject, you can visit our site.

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