A prenuptial agreement could save you time and trouble

Though getting married is often a joyous time for many Florida residents, there are serious matters that may need to be addressed before vows are exchanged. Though some individuals may be apprehensive about broaching the topic of prenuptial agreements, having such an agreement in place could save time and trouble in the future. There are also several reasons that a prenup could be prudent in certain situations.

If an individual owns a business, he or she may do well to create a prenup. Because a business is a considerable asset, the owner will likely want to protect it from potential harm, including the possibility of it being split with an ex-spouse. Without a prenuptial agreement, an ex could potentially claim part of the business and, as a result, part of the value of that business.

Additionally, another instance in which a prenup could be useful is if one or both parties have children from previous relationships. Parents often want to hand heirlooms down to their children, and by addressing these wishes in a prenup, parents can feel assured that their children will not lose inheritances during a divorce. The agreement will allow both parties to understand how assets will be divided and lower the risk of legal fights.

Though discussing prenuptial agreements may seem scary or as if one or both parties expect a marriage to fail, these documents may actually help individuals enter a marriage feeling more at ease. They will know that their important assets, as well as their children’s inheritances, are protected in the event that a divorce does occur, though they may not expect to get divorced. If Florida residents are interested in creating agreements of their own, they may wish to find out more information on the process.

Source: cheatsheet.com, “Marriage: 5 Signs You Need a Prenuptial Agreement“, Megan Elliott, March 24, 2016

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