Choosing the right attorney to assist with property division

When a Florida family is going through a divorce, having the best possible legal advice can make a world of difference in the eventual outcome. It is important to choose an attorney who is highly skilled at all aspects of divorce, including property division. Having a trusted legal advisor can make it far easier to reach a divorce settlement that is in line with a Florida spouse’s needs and goals.

In some cases, couples are committed to moving through their divorce in a collaborative manner. They want to reduce tension, avoid strife and have a simpler and less expensive divorce process. This is an admirable goal, and there are a wide range of benefits that come with a collaborative divorce approach. However, some couples believe that the best way to work together is to hire one attorney to process the divorce for both spouses. This is a mistake.

An attorney has a duty to place the needs of his or her client at the forefront of the divorce process. That means taking the time to understand the client’s unique set of needs and goals for the future, and then constructing a legal approach aimed at meeting those marks. It is impossible for one attorney to provide that service for both spouses within a marriage. Different divorce options, especially in regard to property division, will have differing outcomes for each spouse. It is virtually impossible for property division to be truly equal, especially in regard to the long-term consequences of various choices.

Having individual divorce attorneys does not necessarily place each Florida spouse in a position of attack with regard to the other. It simply provides the means for both sides to get legal advice that is tailored to their specific set of needs. That allows for property division negotiations that will serve the interests of each party, even when there are items that require compromise.  

Source: CBS Boston, “Breaking Up Is Hard To Do: Understanding Divorce“, Dee Lee, Aug. 15, 2016

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