Prenuptial agreements critical for older spouses

Finding love again after the age of 50 is a wonderful thing. For those in Florida who are fortunate enough to find their perfect counterpart later in life, taking the plunge to get married is exciting. In preparation for a late-life marriage, couples should consider drafting prenuptial agreements. Doing so can ease the minds of other relatives who are concerned about what the future might hold.

By creating a carefully considered prenuptial agreement, spouses can address a number of concerns. Prenups and estate planning share many of the same goals. Those who have children and grandchildren from previous unions can provide for an inheritance for those loved ones. Those plans can be as detailed or as general as the individual desires.

It is also possible to create a prenuptial agreement that is flexible. Some couples will choose to alter the amount that will be left to a surviving spouse, based on the age of the spouse at the time his or her partner dies. Prenups also address debt, which is a serious matter for many families. Without proper planning, an inheritance can end up going to pay the debts of the deceased person, rather than to loved ones as was intended.

Florida couples who are preparing to wed later in life should schedule a time to sit down and discuss these matters with a family law attorney. Having prenuptial agreements and estate planning documents in place prior to walking down the aisle can make things far easier for everyone involved. It also allows the extended family to focus on this joyful time, rather than worrying about whether the proper paperwork is in place.

Source:, “Busting myths about marrying after 50“, Lisa Rabasca Roepe, March 16, 2017

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