3 ways to minimize stress in a divorce

A substantial portion of marriages end in divorce, but despite its frequency, it remains one of the most stressful situations a person might encounter. Nobody wants to separate from the person they expected to spend the rest of their life with, and it is inevitable that some negative feelings will emerge throughout the process. Accepting this does not mean you must resign yourself to melancholy, though. There are several effective ways to minimize the stress you and your partner encounter throughout the process of a divorce.

Prioritize calm communication

When emotions flare up, it can be tempting to break down or lash out. According to Lifehacker, when you actually calm down, resist arguing and communicate calmly, you are far more likely to resolve the problems that triggered an emotional response in the first place. This is key to keeping stress levels low for all parties involved in a divorce.

Always be empathetic

Stress can reach an all-time high when you feel as though no one is listening and everyone is overlooking your needs. If you feel this way, there is a good chance that your ex does, too. You need to extend empathy if you expect to receive it, and both partners in a divorce should practice empathetic thinking regularly. This can greatly reduce the emotional tension — and therefore, stress — that you feel throughout the process.

Find common ground

Sometimes differences become too much, and in such cases, divorce is often the best resolution. Just because your relationship reached this point does not mean you have nothing in common with your ex. In fact, finding common ground is one of the best things you can do as you proceed with the separation. Doing so will mitigate any animosity that threatens to emerge.

Divorce is never an easy situation, but taking a collaborative approach can minimize its trauma. Contacting a lawyer can also help minimize the stress.

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