Can political disagreement lead to divorce, property division?

Even healthy Florida marriages go through periods of difficulty. In some cases, tensions arise over the shared responsibilities of household management, such as raising kids and paying the bills. For other families, however, disagreement centers on more ideological matters, including politics. According to a recent survey, discord over the new Trump administration may be leading to an increase in divorce and subsequent property division.

A study conducted by Wakefield Research asked 1,000 adults about how the current political environment is impacting their interpersonal relationships. The results suggest that not only can political tensions have a negative effect on a romantic relationship, they can actually lead to the demise of a marriage. A notable increase in disagreements centered on political views surrounding the Trump presidency has surpassed more common topics of contention, including financial matters.

Other respondents reported knowledge of a marriage or relationship that has been negatively affected due to the current Trump presidency. Millennials report the highest numbers in this regard. Many respondents who were not Trump supporters reported that, if they were in a relationship in which their partner had voted for Trump, they would consider ending that relationship or marriage.

When it comes to the demise of a Florida marriage, there are never simple or easy answers. All couples struggle with a unique set of challenges, and many are able to find their way back to a path of relationship stability and harmony. For those who find that political discontent is leading to serious relationship issues, it may be time to consult with a marriage counselor. No matter what one believes about the current administration, most people agree that couples should make every effort to repair their relationship before considering divorce and subsequent property division.

Source:, “Fights Over Trump Are Leading To Breakups & Divorces – Especially Among Millennial Couples“, Natalia Lusinski, May 9, 2017

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