Quiet sale of art in the early stages of this high asset divorce

Many Florida readers are aware of the divorce between billionaire Harry Macklowe and his wife of 58 years. Their story has gained a great deal of media coverage, both due to the length of their marriage and the odd twists and turns in their high asset divorce. Now, the dissolution of their marriage is once again front page news after claims that Macklowe is quietly selling high dollar art in an effort to keep assets away from his wife.

A Roy Lichtenstein painting valued at nearly $35 million is scheduled to be sold at auction through Christie’s. Linda Macklowe has been an avid art collector for many years, and is known to have a talented eye in selecting new pieces for the family collection. The painting in question is part of a limited 14 works from one of Lichtenstein’s series to be held privately; the majority are housed in museums around the globe.

It is well known that Harry Macklowe is involved with a French woman whom he has seen romantically for many years. While in court for a divorce hearing, Macklowe told reporters that he plans to marry again as soon as his divorce is made final. It is rumored that the Lichtenstein painting was purchased from the husband of his current love interest and intended wife.

As this high asset divorce case moves forward, it is likely that any sale of assets will be addressed. The couple is in the midst of negotiating a property division settlement that encompasses nearly $2 billion in wealth. That means that a final settlement could be many months away. For those in Florida who are following the case, it remains to be seen whether the billionaire will stand by his stated desire to immediately remarry.

Source: pagesix.com, “Harry Macklowe may be secretly selling artwork amid $2B divorce“, Ian Mohr, May 8, 2017

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