Father of 2 tennis stars facing high asset divorce battle

Florida residents who follow tennis will recognize the names Venus and Serena Williams. Both women have created astounding careers for themselves, and have become some of the most recognizable names and faces in the world of sports. Many tennis fans are aware that their father, Richard Williams, was instrumental in pushing them to achieve and surpass their goals at early ages. Richard Williams is currently in the news not in relation to his superstar daughters, however, but based on his upcoming high asset divorce.

Williams divorced his first wife (mother of Venus and Serena) in 2002 and married his second wife, Lakeisha Williams, in 2010. The couple welcomed a child in 2012. Last month, Richard Williams filed for divorce, claiming that his wife had abandoned himself and their child. He also made a number of claims related to the dissipation of marital wealth.

According to Richard Williams, his wife removed money from both their joint account and a bank account that was solely in his name. He also claims that she forged his name on multiple documents for the purpose of transferring ownership of vehicles and real property from his mane and into her own. He is asking the court to award him custody of their child, claiming that his wife has moved in with a man who is facing serious felony criminal charges and poses a risk to their child.

As this high asset divorce case moves forward, additional details will likely become available. For now, an attorney for Lakeisha Williams claims that the assertions made by her husband are nothing more than fabricated stories intended to help him avoid making alimony or child support payments as a result of the divorce. It is unclear whether assets received from his superstar daughters will factor into the case, but Florida residents may get a glimpse into Williams’ financial matters if a settlement is not reached outside of court.

Source: palmbeachpost.com, “Father of Venus, Serena Williams seeks divorce from second wife“, Eliot Kleinberg, June 15, 2017

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