3 good choices to make for a more positive divorce

The phrase “positive divorce” may seem like an oxymoron. However, it is entirely possible to go through a divorce where both people ultimately end up being better off.

According to a report by Florida Health, over 80,000 divorces took place in the state in 2015. That was an increase from the previous year, so dissolutions of marriage are not going anywhere. In the event a married couple decides to divorce, it is vital for both parties to make the right decisions. The right choices now will greatly impact the divorce, and both people will have a greater likelihood of getting what they want.

1. Put any children first

When a couple has children, the divorce process gets a lot more tumultuous. Therefore, both parents need to set aside differences and do what is best for the children. This involves not arguing while any kids are present and trying to keep the school situation relatively normal. Divorce can greatly impact children psychologically, especially younger children, so it is best to limit exposure to it as much as possible.

2. Practice responsible dating

Going out on dates is a tricky proposition while going through a divorce. Therefore, both spouses should have a discussion about what dating can entail. This can include agreements such as when to introduce new partners to the kids. It can also involve the spouses informing one another of when they are dating someone else. This prevents any awkwardness from one spouse finding out about a new relationship on Facebook.

3. Only speak highly of former partner

Children need to be able to respect both parents even after a divorce. As such, neither parent should speak negatively about the other. This prevents children from taking sides or preferring to spend more time with one parent over another. Kids need positive influences, so if couples are able to show maturity during the divorce, then children have a better likelihood of developing positive perceptions of relationships later in life.

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