Collaborative law can be a great fit for Florida families

Many Florida couples are looking for a non-traditional path to ending their marriage. Long gone are the days when divorce followed a very narrow path. Today’s couples have many choices when it comes to processing the end of a marriage, including collaborative law. This approach harnesses the best intentions of both parties toward seeking a mutually beneficial settlement.

Collaboration is also a great fit for parents, who can begin to construct their co-parenting relationship as they navigate the ins and outs of their divorce. With the shared goal of making the situation as beneficial as possible for shared children, couples can often resolve issues with far less contention than in a traditionally litigated divorce. This can lead to outcomes that are better for everyone involved.

Collaboration also provides an excellent example for a couple’s children. When kids see their parents working together to resolve their differences in a respectful manner, they will take those lessons to heart. Kids might also be comforted in the knowledge that their parents are still looking out for their best interests, even as they transition out of a romantic relationship.

For Florida families who are considering collaborative law as a divorce option, it can be helpful to sit down with an attorney who practices this type of divorce law. Arrive armed with questions and concerns, and be ready to provide an overview of family dynamics and goals for divorce. This is a great way to embark on a path of collaborative divorce and transition into the next phase of life. 

Source: The Huffington Post, “The Collaborative Divorce: A Litigator Explains“, Robi Ludwig, Nov. 2, 2017

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