More and more millennials are seeking prenuptial agreements

According to family law attorneys, more and more young people are including a prenup in their wedding planning to-do lists. Prenuptial agreements were once the domain of the rich and famous but now are viewed simply as financial planning tools. There are a number of reasons why young spouses in Florida and elsewhere have embraced these marital contracts.

One factor is the age at which people now choose to marry. Young people are delaying marriage until after they’ve established themselves and their careers. For some, marriage comes after starting a business or gaining considerable assets. While romance may rule the day when it comes to a wedding, plain common sense advocates for a degree of protection when one party brings far more assets into a marriage than the other.

Another factor could be that young people accept the statistical reality that many marriages eventually end in divorce. Many of these younger spouses witnessed their own parents divorce and realized that both parties were able to go on relatively unscathed. While they don’t enter marriage expecting its demise, they do understand that things don’t always work out as intended.

Regardless of the reasons why more Florida millennials are seeking prenuptial agreements, the end result is that these young people will be better protected for having made that decision. Aside from matters of asset protection, most engaged couples draft prenuptial agreements that are fair and balanced. Agreements made prior to marriage usually outline a division of assets that is untainted by anger, bitterness or hurt feelings.

Source:, “Prenuptial Agreement Popularity Rise Among Millennials“, Sarah Midkiff, Dec. 5, 2017

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