Tips for moving through the collaborative law process

For many Florida spouses, the idea of a collaborative divorce is appealing. Some spouses wish to limit their legal fees, while others are hoping to foster a sense of collaboration that will extend into the co-parenting relationship. Regardless of one’s reason for attempting a collaborative law approach, it’s important to go into that process fully prepared. The following tips can help Florida spouses make the most of collaboration.

One of the most important things that parents can do to minimize the impact of divorce on their children is to place the emotional and physical needs of the kids at the forefront of the divorce process. Regardless of how spouses may feel about one another, they share a deep love for their children. Centering divorce on that shared priority can help keep things on track and reduce contention.

Maintaining open lines of communication is also important. Many spouses want to put as much distance as possible between themselves and their soon-to-be ex. However, for those who share children, communication is and will remain essential. Some parents are more comfortable using email or text messaging, at least in the initial stages of divorce.

Clarity is also important. Both sides should fully understand what it is they want from the divorce process and where their priorities lie. That allows for clear and open communication and improves the chances that one’s spouse will be able to understand why certain issues are more important than others. Being realistic throughout the process is also a great way to achieve a favorable outcome without high levels of contention.

For many Florida spouses, collaborative law offers an excellent path toward an amicable divorce. For those who share children, it’s important to establish a healthy co-parenting relationship. In many ways, divorce itself offers a training ground for navigating the co-parenting process. For those who are willing to put in the effort and come to the table prepared, collaboration can be a rewarding experience.

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