What factors can make it easier to get an uncontested divorce?

There is hardly any divorce that does not have difficult emotions attached. After all, if you and your spouse got along all the time, you probably would not be seeking a divorce. Whether you both are divorcing on friendly terms or there is a sense of bitterness and contention, there are usually at least a couple of items of dispute at the end of a marriage. Even so, it could be beneficial for you and other Florida residents.

The main type of uncontested divorce – collaborative law – have numerous advantages over litigation. They may cost significantly less than going to court, as well as take much less time to resolve disagreements. Uncontested divorce is private, whereas the issues you bring up in court will become a matter of public record. A collaborative divorce is usually less stressful for all parties, especially children. The negotiation and communication skills you learn during the collaborative process may benefit you for the rest of your life.

How do you know if you and your spouse can get through an uncontested divorce when you are both barely able to stand each other? The following points may help you decide if either of these methods might work for you:

  • You both can temporarily forget your differences while meeting to discuss your issues.
  • You can speak to each other calmly and respectfully.
  • Both of you are able to empathize with each other and keep an open mind to different or creative solutions.
  • You are willing to compromise for the sake of your children or each other’s well-being.

If you both can commit to work together to resolve your disputes, you may feel a sense of peace and relief, rather than stress and anger, when your divorce is over with. Since each situation is different, it is important to seek experienced legal counsel about choosing the right method for you.

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