Candance Parker, WNBA star, settles alimony with one-time payment

Those who play professional sports are likely accustomed to having their private lives exposed to media scrutiny. As such, when these individuals seek a divorce, the settlement details, including any alimony agreements, often become public knowledge. Florida fans who follow basketball news may have been surprised when WNBA star Candace Parker was ordered to make alimony payments to her former spouse.

Parker reportedly made a decision to offer her former spouse of 10 years, Shelden Williams, a one-time lump payment of approximately $400,000 rather than make regular payments over the designated period of time. Because Williams was a star player for the NBA, fans may have been surprised that Parker, whose net worth was estimated to be around $2 million, was ordered to make such payments. Her former husband reportedly earned approximately $12 million during his career.

Other terms of their divorce settlement included dividing the assets from the sale of the couple’s home, which was recently sold for approximately $3.75 million. The couple also agreed to a joint child custody plan for their 8-year-old child. Neither parent was ordered to make child support payments as they purportedly agreed to share the expenses of raising their daughter.

It is unknown why Parker was ordered to make alimony payments, though fans of Williams reportedly supported the decision. There were no details released concerning the amount of monthly support Parker would have been required to pay if she had not arranged to make the one-time payment. Florida residents who are seeking a divorce of their own may have many questions regarding the financial aspects of any settlement agreements. In order to secure the best agreement possible, residents may be best served by consulting with an experienced family law attorney who can provide valuable insight and guidance throughout the entire process.

Source:, “Why WNBA Star Candace Parker Is Paying Husband Alimony“, Kiersten Willis, April 20, 2018

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