If these occur in marriage; prepare for property division talks

There is no disputing that relationships are hard work, especially as time goes by. According to one researcher, if certain behaviors are occurring in a marriage, they may indicate that property division discussions will be occurring in the not too distant future. Some Florida residents who are dealing with any of these issues may already be considering how to end their marriages.

Every couple argues from time to time. According to one researcher who has spent four decades studying communication in relationships, the presence of certain behaviors during disputes may be a strong indication that a divorce is in the future. What may be surprising to many is that these behaviors are not usually seen as outwardly aggressive, yet they still play a significant role in the demise of relationships. 

The four strongest predictors of communication breakdown are the cold shoulder, contempt, defensiveness and criticism.

Of these four, shutting one’s partner out may be the hardest to overcome, as the injured party often feels emotionally alone in the relationship. There are suggestions that may help overcome this reaction, though it may take self-control and an ability to seek other forms of emotional control before engaging in difficult discussions. There are coping mechanisms that couples can employ when attempting to overcome the urge to stonewall each other during certain conversations.

Unfortunately, if these behaviors have become entrenched in everyday interactions, then it may signal that the marriage is irretrievably broken. Florida residents who have come to the realization that a divorce is their best option may benefit from seeking the guidance of an experienced family law attorney who can help them through all steps of the divorce process, including property division, so that they can better focus on moving toward a brighter future. 

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