Prenuptial agreements may help dictate social media usage

For countless decades, engaged couples often used legal contracts that would help ensure that family fortunes would remain intact in the event that the marriage did not survive. Over the past few years, with the ever-increasing influence of social media in the lives of the vast majority of people, there have been new applications for prenuptial agreements. Florida residents who have reservations about how these types of social media accounts can affect their personal lives may benefit from learning more.

Reportedly, more couples are electing to include a social media clause when drafting their prenups that stipulates under what terms and conditions social media posts that include the other party or their personal lives can be shared. This change has come about due to the increasing role that these types of sites play in everyday life. Couples are now attempting to mitigate the damage that some posts can cause to one’s personal reputation — especially in the event the marriage is faring poorly.

A prenup can dictate on which sites personal information and photos can be shared and under what conditions. If a spouse violates the terms of the contract, he or she can face heavy fines, depending on the conditions included in the document. The driving purpose behind these attempts to limit social media usage within the marriage may be to preserve trust and privacy, which has become a scarce commodity in today’s society.

Prenuptial agreements serve many purposes when a couple decides to wed. While in the past it was used primarily to preserve assets, they have evolved to address numerous issues that can occur during the course of a relationship — social media usage is only one of those purposes. Florida residents who have questions or concerns relating to these legal contracts may seek further information from an experienced family law attorney.

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