Negotiating alimony takes time, planning and information

Once the decision to file for a divorce has been made, there are many issues that need to be addressed. Two of the most difficult matters to be resolved are child custody and alimony payments. While most states have guidelines for determining child support payments, the issue of spousal support may have many factors that can be taken into consideration. Florida residents who are informed and have a plan may be better prepared for the negotiation process.

One of the first steps in the negotiation process is to have a thorough understanding of one’s finances and what would be required to fulfill one’s needs. This includes having a grasp on future earning capacity and becoming financially independent. Along with outlining one’s needs, becoming knowledgeable about the spousal support laws in Florida provides a framework from which to start negotiating.

Other steps that may help is budgeting for these types of obligations and ensuring that payments are timely. It may also be beneficial to make sure that one has a plan for continuing these payments in the event of unforeseen circumstances or that a missed payment won’t break the budget. In addition, it is recommended that the right to alimony is not waived since the courts will not revisit the issue once it is refused. Furthermore, though it may be tempting to come to an agreement outside of the courts, doing so would make it harder to enforce these types of orders.

Lastly, though there are few experiences in life that are as emotional as a divorce, it may serve a spouse better if he or she can keep emotions in check. Seeking revenge through alimony payments seldom works out well and leads to a more contentious dissolution. Instead, being well-informed about the laws and one’s future needs can help make the process easier. An experienced attorney can ensure that the settlement agreement will help provide a stable financial future.

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