Collaborative law may be one approach to keep divorce civil

In light of the statistic that nearly half of all marriages will not last, it may be beneficial to consider how a divorce could impact one’s life. Though there are many movie examples that portray a divorce as an ugly and sustained battle, the real-life process does not have to be either emotionally or financially draining. Florida residents who may be considering filing for a divorce may find that a collaborative law approach could work for them.

There is no denying that a divorce involves conflicting emotions, but it does not need to be followed by a bankruptcy filing. Many professionals suggest that one take the time to thoroughly research the laws and determine which approach will serve a particular situation best. A collaborative law divorce enables the parties to work with one attorney to resolve the issues and arrange an agreement that meets the needs of both parties and their children. If this avenue does not work out, then each will need to seek different counsel.

Those who have divorced advise others to interview more than one attorney — if needed — to find the professional who is willing to work diligently for them. Looking for short cuts during the proceedings or attempting to handle many important considerations on one’s own can wind up costing more time and money in the end. Likewise, a do-it-yourself divorce may sound cost-effective but often results in a spouse losing out on benefits and assets that he or she was unaware existed.

Lastly, it may be helpful to keep in mind that the divorce decree likely will not end the relationship completely — especially if the couple have children. An adversarial dissolution may only make future communication more difficult for all parties involved. Florida residents who are seeking a divorce that does not entail contentious disputes and bitterness may wish to learn more about a collaborative law dissolution from an experienced attorney.

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