Actress revises request for alimony over shirts

Those who work in the entertainment industry may often feel compelled to maintain a more extravagant lifestyle than those who live more mundane lives. Unfortunately, during a divorce proceeding, there may be more assets and property for these couples to fight over. Florida residents who believe that their spouse’s lifestyle would enable them to provide alimony support are entitled to seek a more equitable division of the marital assets.

Recently, actress Tisha Campbell-Martin submitted a revised alimony request after supposedly obtaining evidence of her former husband’s expansive and expensive wardrobe collection. According to the former Ms. Martin’s petition, her ex-husband is in possession of approximately 500 hand-made shirts that were purchased for an estimated $1,500 per shirt. That would equal approximately $750,000 in clothing assets alone.

Tisha Campbell-Martin and Duane Martin were married for approximately 20 years and raised two children together. The details surrounding their divorce were not disclosed in the recent report. However, Ms. Martin revised her settlement demands after apparently seeing video of the clothing purchases her estranged husband had made.

Campbell-Martin has listed her monthly expenses as being an estimated $33,000. She has claimed assets of an estimated $1.5 million. She is currently not claiming a steady income, though the amount she is requesting in alimony has not been disclosed. Her husband purportedly earns $65,000 monthly and was accused by his wife of attempting to hide and divert assets during the time of their marriage. Florida residents who are struggling to gain access to their equitable share of the marital assets may enlist the assistance of an experienced attorney.

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