In considering divorce options, what is your ultimate goal?

If you and your spouse have decided to end your marriage, do you assume that a traditional court proceeding is your only option? How will litigation affect your family both now and in the future?

You do have an option in collaborative divorce that might be the best solution for the good of your family going forward.

The Florida law

The Collaborative Law Process Act went into effect on July 1, 2017. Now the dissolution of a Florida marriage does not have to be a litigious matter guided by the decision of a judge. The parties to the divorce can settle their differences outside of court in a more dignified fashion.

Collaborative benefits

Collaborative divorce is a private matter, whereas a court proceeding is a matter of public record. You and your spouse control the pace and the outcome of the process, which is a much less costly option than traditional litigation. Your attorneys will be part of a team of professionals who will assist as needed on financial, parenting and relationship issues.

Most important, collaborative divorce is a process in which the best interests of children are always top of mind. Collaborative divorce is also much less stressful for children. You can spare them the residual effect of a bitter court battle.

Retaining family ties

When you think of the future, what do you envision? Your children will grow up and go out on their own. They will marry eventually and start a family. You and the other parent will have grandchildren to enjoy. There may be times when the two of you will interact. Chances are, you will see each other in family circumstances, such as attending the weddings of your children or the various events in which your grandchildren will be involved.

If your divorce is a civil affair that is far less contentious than a court battle, your future will begin on solid footing. You will not alienate your ex and in time, you will be able to interact in a respectful manner that will be good for everyone. If preserving family ties is your ultimate goal, collaborative divorce may be the solution.

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