In some situations, collaborative law divorce may be best option

Every family is unique in its own way, and no one solution will work for every problem. The same is true when it comes to a divorce. Though most Florida residents may imagine a court room setting for their impending divorce, a collaborative law approach may actually be a better fit.

A collaborative divorce is another possible option. If the two parties are able to work together with their respective attorneys to resolve the major points of contention and are not seeking a high-asset divorce, then this process may work well, as each party has his or her own attorney who will work to ensure that a settlement is as equitable as possible. Furthermore, this option may reduce conflict for children and result in a less acrimonious process.

The litigation divorce refers to the fact that a lawsuit has been filed for a divorce, which is especially accurate when the dissolution is only desired by one party. Though some cases do require court hearings to resolve more contentious points, the majority of divorces can be settled out of court. A collaborative law approach may especially appeal to Florida residents who wish to keep the proceedings private and are optimistic that they can resolve their differences with the assistance of trained professionals. An experienced attorney can provide information regarding which approach would work best for a particular situation.