Amazon’s founder’s divorce may be a lesson in high asset divorce

The majority of high-net-worth couples sign a marital agreement before they wed or at some point during the marriage. However, shortly after Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos and his wife, MacKenzie, announced their intention to divorce, it was learned that the couple reportedly do not have a prenup. Florida residents who are considering filing for their own high asset divorce may be interested in learning how this dissolution will be handled.

The state in which the Bezoses reside is one of a handful of community property states. In these states, assets that were acquired during the marriage will be divided equally between the spouses — in the absence of any marital agreements. Since Jeff Bezos started Amazon after his marriage, the company’s value could possibly be split between the spouses. Another option, which may appeal to investors more, would be to pool the stock and share joint ownership. At this time, there is an estimated $137 billion worth of assets to be split between the former spouses.

In general, a high-net-worth dissolution is more complex than the average divorce. A divorce involving stocks, bonds and a business will take much more time and finesse. In general, wealthier couples tend not to battle as much over alimony and child support since a settlement is usually more than adequate to meet each former spouse’s needs.

Due to the heightened public scrutiny surrounding the Bezos divorce, the former couple will likely seek a private settlement agreement. In the end, it is anticipated that MacKenzie Bezos will become the wealthiest woman while her former husband may lose his standing as wealthiest man. Regardless of the notoriety of couple involved, every high asset divorce requires careful consideration to ensure that each party receives a settlement that equates with the effort that a spouse invested into the marriage. Florida residents may wish to seek the skilled assistance of an attorney who focuses on these types of divorces.

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