Tips on having conversations about prenuptial agreements

No one is dreaming about a divorce on their wedding day. Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever, and whether a marriage ends in divorce or death, it will eventually end. Florida residents who are concerned about their financial security when that happens may need the protections offered by prenuptial agreements.

The idea of bringing up the topic of a prenup may feel like the perfect way to damage a fledgling relationship. However, family law professionals suggest that this is a conversation that should happen early in the relationship. If one is worried how a partner will react, it may help to bring it up in a casual manner, such as avoiding a nightmare dissolution that a friend or relative may have endured. In addition, it may be helpful to stress how much conflict these contracts can alleviate, since the major issues concerning finances will be addressed ahead of time.

Gently reminding a future spouse about the unavoidable end of a marriage, either through death or a divorce, may allow the other person to consider what would happen at that time. It is suggested that the one initiating the conversation discuss the importance of ensuring that each partner is treated fairly and with respect, as this may allow for a greater understanding. Professionals recommend that the partners play an equal role in drafting these agreements so that each one is represented as fairly as possible.

Though it may feel as if the wealthier partner is attempting to safeguard his or her assets, thoughtfully drafted prenuptial agreements can provide the lesser earning spouse with a measure of financial security. It may help both parties to keep in mind that the creation of these contracts is to ensure the welfare of the other party, which will result in a document that should protect both interests. Florida residents who desire assistance in drafting a prenup tailored to their needs may elect to consult with an experienced attorney.

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