Divorce request and peaceful collaboration

It is difficult to make the decision that you cannot salvage a marriage. You have undoubtedly given the matter long consideration. Perhaps you have come to this realization sooner than your spouse. It is harder yet when you view your marriage coming to an end, yet your spouse innocently believes all is well.

While you know it is time for your partnership to dissolve, you may dread asking your spouse for a divorce. Your greatest desire is that both of you work collaboratively and peacefully to find a way through the process of divorce.

How to approach the subject of divorce

The best method of discussing a divorce depends on the personalities of you and your spouse. You may start by considering some online professionals and find one who shares your preference and agrees with the merits of a collaborative experience. Professionals who understand divorce procedure are well aware that, as you intuitively believe, an amicable divorce benefits everyone concerned. You are particularly hoping to avoid the conflict that can ruin children’s lives when their parents go back and forth in custody fights, with each successive court experience increasing family stress, poisoning relationships for you, your spouse and your children. No one emerges unscathed in these types of divorces.

Find a professional who recommends collaborative divorce

When you find a professional who embraces collaborative divorce, search her or his website thoroughly to make sure you understand this person’s philosophy. With an ethical, honest support team, you have the best chance to achieve a fair balance for your family. After you have located a good option, sit down with your spouse and request a divorce. Explain why you would prefer the advantage of a peaceful divorce rather than risk the endless acrimony and hostility that tears many families permanently apart. You know your children and your spouse deserve a better, enlightened experience.

Before you make an appointment for a consultation, ask your spouse to review the website of a professional who supports your desire for harmonious negotiation. If your spouse agrees, suggest that the firm you wish to engage would be best able to recommend a like-minded representative for your spouse. With both attorneys philosophically aligned over a non-contentious proceeding, you have the highest chance of achieving a respectful climate and an equitable outcome.

Help your spouse understand that your children will benefit for the rest of their lives by you and your spouse agreeing together, rather than handing the decision off to a judge to abruptly decide your future parenting and custodial arrangements. When you work in harmony, you make your own parenting arrangements.

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