A collaborative law divorce may help reduce the pain for children

The decision to end a faltering marriage is not without its own difficulties. Though many may think that the hardest part is behind them, for some Florida couples, the process of divorcing may expose both spouses and children to even more conflict and discord. For those situations where its appropriate, a collaborative law dissolution may enable spouses to find a more peaceful resolution for all involved.

A divorce will often the follow the same patterns of behavior that lead to the unhappy marriage. Those topics that lead to discord in the marriage will often be magnified during a traditional divorce. Couples who are searching for a less-stressful process may benefit from choosing an alternative method of divorcing. In the process, it may help to pay close attention to the cues that their former spouses are delivering whenever they are involved in settlement negotiations. Triggers that started heated arguments during a marriage may escalate during settlement discussions.

If a spouse instigates a conflict, it may be better to step away rather than feed an argument. Conflicts only increase the pain, time and cost of reaching a suitable agreement. If one feels that he or she has initiated a dispute, it may be appropriate to apologize in order to proceed. If one finds that he or she is becoming agitated, it is preferable to take a break to regroup rather than enter into a heated exchange.

One helpful approach to the divorce proceedings may be to change the vocabulary involved. Rather than entering into a war over a future settlement and proposed parenting plans, spouses may fare better if they focus on solutions that will facilitate a more positive outcome for themselves and their children. Florida residents who are interested in reducing the animosity that often accompanies a traditional divorce may wish to consult with an attorney who is skilled in the collaborative law approach.  

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