Collaborative law divorce allows for a more peaceable settlement

When a couple is headed for a divorce, one of the last words that come to mind is peaceful or amiable. In fact, it is often the lack of these two elements that may have played a role in the decision to divorce. However, for Florida residents who wish to avoid much of the hostility of a typical divorce, a collaborative law approach works well.

One impression of the word divorce is a tension-filled courtroom with former spouses ready to do battle over custody and marital assets. While lawyers are willing to fight for their clients’ fair share, for many couples, this adversarial approach is unsettling. For those couples for whom compromise is an attainable goal, collaborative law offers an opportunity for the two parties to sit down with the respective attorneys and work out a settlement that meets most of each party’s needs.

The process begins with each spouse retaining the services of a lawyer who is trained in this type of divorce. The spouses then sign an agreement that each will work in cooperation with one another to resolve their divorce in an amicable and open manner. Other professionals may be consulted who can provide guidance regarding financial matters or supply other information that ensures that decisions are made in the best manner possible for the parties involved. 

If, for some reason, either spouse finds him- or herself unable to cooperate, then the process must be abandoned, and a more traditional divorce will need to be pursued. In many cases, the process of a collaborative law divorce will allow the parties to dissolve their marriage in the manner that is least disruptive to all of the parties involved. Florida residents who are attracted to the idea of a less hostile end to an unhappy marriage may seek the services of an attorney who is skilled in this particular process.

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