Prenuptial agreements provide protection in unusual situations

For many engaged couples — especially those who are older or own considerable assets — the wedding plans are not complete without certain legal contracts. Prenuptial agreements can ensure that assets are not only protected, but that a spouse will not be treated unfairly in a divorce. No matter the circumstances that may have led to the end of a marriage, these contracts can provide Florida residents with peace of mind if the marriage comes to an end.

Recently, during one high-profile divorce hearing, a judge determined that an existing prenup would be upheld. According to the report, this particular divorce between a newspaper publisher and his wife has been ongoing since 2017. When the couple married in 2010, the prenuptial agreement stipulated that the wife would receive approximately $900,000 if the pair divorced. The husband, Joseph Soldwedel, not only asked the judge to rule that the prenup was invalid but also requested that the marriage be annulled.

Soldwedel has accused his wife of seeking to marry him only for his wealth. He has further alleged that she attempted to poison him. The former Mrs. Soldwedel denied the accusations. Law enforcement purportedly conducted an investigation into the allegations and found no evidence of a crime, thereby clearing her of any suspicions.

The Arizona judge determined that the prenup was a valid document. There were no further details in connection with these unusual divorce proceedings. Anytime there are considerable assets at stake, former spouses may believe they have to prepare for unpleasant litigation proceedings. In order to avoid a bitter dissolution, Florida residents may choose to draft prenuptial agreements that can provide protection for both parties regardless of the circumstances. An attorney who is well-versed in both property laws and marriage contracts can help prepare the best documents to fit one’s unique needs.

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