Tips for reducing conflict during your divorce

It is no surprise that ending your marriage is difficult. In fact, it may be one of the hardest experiences of your life. Breaking up with your spouse can lead to a lot of negative emotions, including anger, sadness, hurt and resentment.

While it is normal to experience these feelings during your divorce, you should not let them run the show. If controlled by these emotions, your divorce will be full of more conflict. A contentious divorce is not only emotionally unpleasant, but it can drain your finances, too. Here are some tips for reducing conflict during your split.

Be careful with social media

Social media can be a dangerous thing during a divorce. When you have the ability to share your thoughts and feelings with your friends and family members at your fingertips, things can get ugly. If you post about your divorce on social media, it can cause a lot of drama. It may even be wise to take a break from these platforms if you find it difficult to resist posting about your divorce.

Look after yourself emotionally

While you may need to manage and control your emotions at times, this does not mean you need to hold them in or feel ashamed about them. It is normal to go through emotional turmoil. You just need to find healthy ways of working through and express your feelings. This may mean distracting yourself by immersing yourself in one of your hobbies. Perhaps it may take the form of talking to a close friend. Maybe you even need to see a therapist. Whatever it is, make sure you take care of yourself.

Share the blame

You may want to place all the blame for the divorce on your spouse. Even if he or she played a significant role, playing the blame game only adds fuel to the fire. Think about how you may be at least partially responsible for the divorce. Remember, it takes two to tango.

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