Breaking the divorce news to the kids

There is no easy way to deliver news of divorce to a spouse, children and loved ones. As unpleasant as the news may seem, it is important to determine a feasible way to communicate the separation with everyone who may directly feel its impact. Parents willing to work together can achieve a cooperative/amicable divorce.

Spouses are not always receptive to hearing from their partners that the relationship is over. Children do not always understand what divorce in the Fort Myers area means. To help eliminate potential issues that can lead to conflict and confusion, here are a few key pointers to keep in mind when bringing up the topic of divorce.

Be considerate

Carefully consider what to tell your partner and your children. Information that you may reveal or share with your spouse is not necessarily suitable for kids. Even if it seems like your relationship with your spouse ran its course long ago, delivering the news tactfully can help soften the impact and minimize hurt resentful feelings.

When informing children about the separation, keep in mind their ages and personalities. Try to remain as open and honest as possible without misleading them or providing false hope. Stress the fact that the separation does not change how you and their other parent feel about them and that you will both continue to work together to provide them with the best upbringing possible. Timing is important too. Ideally, you want to deliver the news when there is less stress and fewer activities going on.

Prepare for questions

Due to the serious and complicated nature of divorce, you should expect your kids to have questions. Do not ignore or brush their concerns aside. You are under no obligation to address their questions. However, it is very beneficial that you address the most relevant and important questions. Your kids deserve to know what is going on, about the changes to come and what to expect. Keep all personal and adult matters about the divorce between you and your spouse.

Divorce is not always pleasant, and matters may arise where you and your partner feel like mistreating and badmouthing each other. Just remember, you set an example for your children. They watch, learn and use you and their other parent as a mirror for their current and future interactions with you and others. Show them by example that divorce does not have to be full of conflict.

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