Collaborative law divorce can provide 2 most basic needs

When spouses realize that their relationship has run its course, there are two basic needs for each party to have during a divorce. These are: someone to advocate for their needs and extensive documentation. Florida residents who are preparing for a divorce might meet both of these needs through a collaborative law approach if their situation lends itself to such a process.

One of the first thoughts when planning to divorce is whether to engage the services of an attorney. This is valid, as everyone needs an advocate when going through this legal process. However, one does not necessarily need to prepare for a bitter court trial if the spouses are still capable of communicating. A collaborative law approach entails each spouse obtaining the services of a separate attorney who will engage in negotiations to arrive at the most agreeable settlement solutions.

Once the type of divorce has been decided upon, the second requirement is to carefully and thoroughly document everything. The first area that needs to be supported with written records is a listing of all marital assets and liabilities. Providing complete information regarding the marital finances ensures that the subsequent settlement will be as equitable as possible. Along with all financial information, it is important to have some form of written communication concerning every other aspect relating to the divorce. When children are involved, written schedules concerning visitation and holiday plans can provide back-up in the event one parent disputes agreed-upon plans. 

While not every detail must be formally documented, even a simple email communication can help clarify an issue, whereas a verbal agreement can be challenged. A divorce takes a mental and financial toll. Spouses who ensure that the two most basic needs are addressed will likely fare better throughout the ordeal. Florida residents who believe that a collaborative law approach can help ease stress may seek out an attorney who is experienced in this type of proceeding.

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