Better communication helpful in marriage and collaborative law

Most people assume that a family law attorney is focused on ensuring that his or her client receives the most equitable settlement possible. Though this is the main role of these professionals, there are times when one may work to help couples find healthier ways to communicate, whether within the structure of a marital relationship or during a divorce. Florida residents who are headed for a divorce but wish to avoid the acrimony that accompanies a traditional process may find that a collaborative law divorce is a less-stressful option.

One divorce attorney who has struggled to help his clients work through a contentious divorce has come up with an idea that he hopes may help a struggling couple avoid filing for a divorce. He developed conversation starting cards that may enable spouses to talk about topics outside of the usual conversations concerning children and finances. The cards include an activity that the developer describes as intended to spark deeper conversations while the couple are out for an evening alone.

The cards are a product of in-depth interviews with married couples concerning the types of topics that are often hard to approach in the midst of every day life. Couples who are busy raising children and working often drift apart and find that they seldom engage in meaningful dialogue that could help strengthen their marriage. One of the most appreciated topics involve discussions over forgiveness and mistakes.

It is hoped that couples can use such tools to help prevent a relationship from growing cold over time. However, this experienced attorney stated that not every marriage can be salvaged. In spite of the effort spouses may invest, a divorce may be the only viable solution. Florida residents who are able to communicate and negotiate without undue animosity may elect to enlist the services of a family law attorney who is skilled in the collaborative law approach in order to arrive at the most suitable settlement.

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