What is a grey divorce?

Once you have been married for a long time in New Mexico, it may seem as if you are free from all the chaos and tension that often accompanies younger married couples. The truth is that according to Forbes, there seems to be a trend of older couples divorcing that started long before 2004 when the term “grey divorce” was coined to refer to the increasing rate of divorce for people over the age of 50. Many erroneously believe that marriage gets easier as you get older and are surprised to find there are plenty of reasons divorce is a serious likelihood when they are older.

Financial management is a big issue that can arise as couples age. When one or both spouses have trouble managing finances, debt becomes an issue. Fights about finances often lead to divorce. On the other side of the coin, if one spouse makes most of the money to support the household and makes all financial decisions, couples often fight about mismanagement of funds or overspending. Studies show that marriages fail more often when a woman’s earnings increase but are stronger when the husband makes more money.

At times, couples simply grow apart once the kids have left the home. The spark that comes when you are first married has often faded, but it is hard to notice while you are both busy raising kids and making a life. If the kids are gone and life has settled into a pattern, it is common for couples to realize they are missing the initial connection they had.

Infidelity is often a problem for older couples. Infidelity may not carry the negative connotation it did when couples were younger. Older spouses are often attracted to younger men and women and find it easier to connect with them now that dating sites and apps are so prevalent.

No matter what age you are when you seek a divorce, you should not face the process alone. A good family law attorney can protect your interests and assets if you decide to end your marriage.

This is for educational purposes and should not be interpreted as legal advice.

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